New Year – New Goals -Use the MyLab Portal to start testing with Midwest Laboratories.

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 Hi everyone! My name is Megan Fonfara and I’m the Client Onboarding Specialist at Midwest Labs. My role at the lab is to help our partners get started and submit their samples. I offer training on the MyLab Portal, help answer questions about shipping, supplies, and analysis packages. Ultimately, I work to create a seamless


Soil pH & Nutrient Availability

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soil pH affects your nutrient availability. Our latest blog explains what your ideas pH range is for nutrient absorption.


Reflecting on the Past Growing Season

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A word from our Agronomist It has been another challenging harvesting season. Delayed planting dates and early cold temperatures. Snowfall in various areas of the country have slowed down the fall harvest and narrowed the window for soil sampling this fall. Midwest Labs has been busy processing and turning around the data from the soil


As the summer is heating up so are the use of reusable water bottles.   Staying hydrated is key to enjoying the summer sun. But, are you washing your reusable water bottle properly? KETV News Watch 7 joined us a few weeks ago to see if staff members around the office are cleaning out their


Plant Parasitic Nematodes by Jim Grilliot

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Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Corn  Plant parasitic nematodes are microscopic organisms that require living host plant tissue to feed on in order to grow and reproduce.  They live in the soil and feed in or on the corn plants root system. These nematodes can be found in just about every cornfield to varying degrees.  There are