Pumpkin Breaks World Record

Travis with World Record Pumpkin

World Record Smashing Pumpkin Travis Gienger partners with Midwest Laboratories to understand his soil. His approach for healthy yields begins with soil that looks good and Earthy with organic matter present. An experienced Pumpkin grower, Travis has been growing since he was fourteen and in 2020 he grew record breaking pumpkins in his soil. To


How Does Midwest Laboratories Help Food and Beverage Developers Determine the Ideal Shelf Life of Their Product?

Determining the ideal shelf life of a product can be a challenging undertaking since a variety of factors and aspects of a product should be used in determining its shelf life. Every product and every shelf life study are different and should be fitted to the particular goals a client or customer may have. This


Midwest Labs Soils Receiving Virtual Tour

Soil Receiving

Welcome to our favorite time of year at Midwest Labs! We are well into another great fall soil season and the lab is bustling. Ever wonder what the busy season looks like at Midwest Labs? Well you are in luck. We invite you to join Tim Radmacher, Soils Receiving Manager, for a behind the scenes


Midwest Labs Soil Season Guide

Fall Soil Season is Here! Though 2020 has brought about many changes in our lives, one thing has not changed; your trusted soil testing partner, Midwest Labs. We are so excited and honored you have chosen to partner with us for your soil testing needs. We know this is a vital part of your livelihood


Plant Tissue Sampling and Crop Health

It is hard to believe that the fall season is just on the horizon and the plant tissue testing program will be coming to a close.  As you are well aware by now, plant tissue testing is an excellent tool for fine tuning your nutrient management plan and push your yields to the next level.


MyLab Portal- What Are Some Additional Features?

Hi Everyone! It’s Megan Fonfara again, your Client Onboarding Specialist.My goal is to create educational materials in order for you have the best customer experience possible with Midwest Labs. The MyLab Portal is our online account management system, which allows you to submit proper sample paperwork to send in with your samples, view your test