Proactive Practices in Animal Feed

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Trust that gut-feeling again. It doesn’t matter what industry you are hands-on in; all require a proactive mindset. Teachers must be proactive in their teaching styles to stay ahead of the technological advancements in the way humans learn and retain information. Accountants must be proactive in their financial endeavors to anticipate the economy’s ups and downs.


Taurine and Panax Ginseng in Energy Drinks

Do you drink Monster Energy drinks?  If you do, you probably have seen the following information: Lo-Carb Monster Energy Drink Taurine 1000 mg  |  Panax Ginseng 200 mg Taurine According to Mayo | “Taurine supports neurological development and helps regulate the level of water and mineral salts in the blood. It also contains antioxidant


Driving Smart Decisions – August Update

Soil Sampling

Welcome It’s an exciting time to be at and working with Midwest Laboratories as we continue to move forward with innovative processes and initiatives to serve our customer’s needs. The business landscape is continuing to move at a vigorous pace. We are a company who believes staying innovative and ahead of the curve is essential.


The grass is green, and the sun is shining, but are your roses blooming?

Garden Roses, Soil Testing, better looking garden

How did your garden turn out this year? As we move closer to fall it’s time to evaluate the work necessary for preparations of the next spring. The first question is – did you find beautiful blooms in your garden? The Second – does the garden look complete, are you ready to focus on upkeep?


Driving Smart Decisions – July Update

Welcome The Fourth of July is typically the half-way mark for summer. A time of celebration and giving thanks for our freedoms as U.S. Citizens July Announcements Stay Tuned: This month we will have some new initiatives we will be rolling out for our clients. These items are in the final stages of testing and


Best if Used By/Best Before, Sell-By, Use-By

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What does best if used by mean? In my house, I’m notorious for throwing out items when the use-by date reads expired. And, I’m usually in trouble for doing such. Personally, I’ve always erred on the side of caution. My wife, on the other hand, believes it’s important to do a quick sensory test. She