We have over four decades of experience meeting the analytical needs of our clients in areas as varied as agricultural operations, food safety plans, animal feed and pet food production, shelf life studies, nutritional labeling, municipal water quality programs, real estate transactions, and alternative fuel production.

Please refer to the below document for the most recently updated analyses selection and pricing.

Version updated: 2/17/21

Midwest Laboratories reserves the right to decline requests for analysis and/or any samples submitted for testing. If such samples are rejected, the customer will be notified. It shall then be the customer’s responsibility to promptly retrieve a rejected sample or it will be discarded. Midwest Labs does not knowingly accept samples for use in litigation for neither private or public entities.
Midwest Laboratories is not a consultative lab. We will not provide interpretation or analysis of lab results, unless we receive a subpoena or similar order from a court, directing that we do so.