It appears that growers are getting out into their fields and trying to collect soil samples in their fields and gardens to determine the value of their soil.  This week, with temperatures in the 50’s and only a chance of rain later in the week, it appears like the perfect week to collect samples.

Soil Sampling

There are numerous articles on soil sampling, I like this one in particular, Six Steps to a Successful Soil Sample.  The wording is very simple and to the point. For more details, you can check out Soil Sampling on the Midwest Labs website. Do you have your supplies? Soil Bags and Soil Probes – You can find information on the Midwest Laboratories eStore.

Soil Testing

Soil Testing – Know the value of your soil. Interpreting Soil Reports is the key. I use this reference, Interpreting Soil Analysis all the time to make sure I know what the reported values mean.

Also, some other things to think about:

Mapping Fields – Midwest Laboratories partners with AgriData and you can receive discounts with an account at Midwest Laboratories.

Shipping – Save costs | Pay a flat fee each time| Schedule Pickups for your location at your convenience | Call Today and ask for Brent

Supplies – Need Soil bags | Boxes | Probes |Ph Meter | Call Today and ask for Sandy

Lawn and Garden Testing Supply Kit – Thorough Test Package with recommendations is also available

Welcome in Spring!

If you are a grower who is sampling, feel free to call and ask questions this week. The people at Midwest Laboratories are here to assist you with your soil testing processes.  Enjoy the weather and welcome in spring.