Soil Sampling Supplies – Have you placed your order?

Yesterday, I posted information regarding Soil Testing & Soil Sampling

Today,  I want to remind people to get their Soil Sampling Supply orders in early to assure timely return.  A few ways you can do this:

Midwest Laboratories Clients

Clients  can order their supplies on line, by logging on with  their account number and password on the Midwest Laboratories Home Page.  Supply orders are sent to clients on their regular invoice. Clients can order soil bags, shipping labels, boxes and probes.  In addition, feel free to call a representative in Shipping or Soil at 800-777-0486.

Reminder: Paperwork is really key to making sure soil samples are not held up in the receiving process. Clients are encouraged to fill out their paperwork online, and place a copy of their paperwork with their samples, (Auto-Submit Process)

New Clients

New clients can place orders today through the eStore, for soil bags (Do not forget the coupon code, “soiltest”  when placing this order, Hint, Hint) Also, check out the  soil probes online.   Better yet, call a representative at Midwest Laboratories, 800-777-0486.  You can ask questions regarding supplies and a representative can take your order over the phone.

Now is the time to act with respect to supplies. Yesterday alone there were over 150 packages ranging from soil bags and boxes to bottles and coolers.  See picture below.