Selecting a Laboratory | Turnaround Time

Getting your soil testing results from laboratories can vary between laboratories. It is a question you should be asking when you are getting ready to send samples in for soil testing.

At this time, a number of promotions are occurring from laboratories, extension offices and universities offering soil testing kits, but be careful, make sure it tells you somewhere in those promotions what the TURNAROUND TIME is for receiving RESULTS.

Growers need results   to plan with respect to PLANTING and the WEATHER conditions.

Midwest Laboratories | Turnaround Time

One comment I saw recently stated,  “Midwest Laboratories turnaround time is too fast and that means that they don’t care”

I want to address this issue. At Midwest Laboratories, we have automated a number of soil tests and taken the human element out of it.  This being said, we are able to get better, more consistent results. In addition, check samples are run throughout the soil run which alert people to samples which may be trending upward or downward with respect to results.  Every year, more research and development time is spent on improving quality to insure results are as accurate as possible.  I invite you to stop in and see the process in action!

TURNAROUND TIME is taken very seriously and results are posted within three days of receipt of sample.

Our clients, can always check online when their samples were received.

In addition, results can be received through email, mail and access online. In addition, the client’s are able to see all testing history, (free service). Finally, clients can  receive a Text Message Update when the process has been completed and results have been posted or emailed to them.


When considering where to send your sample for soil analysis, look at TURNAROUND TIME, if its not stated in the promotion make sure you ask so you know what to expect with respect to your soil analysis report.