I came across this article, Secrets of Growing Killer Tomatoes today and I really thought the article made some great points.  A lot of information is packed into this post. Some the items featured in this article:

  1. When to start planting – 5-6 weeks before last expected frost
  2. Selection of Seeds  – Cr Improved VFFNT Hybrid
  3. Potting Mixture – Equal parts of potting soil and vermiculite
  4. Working with soil types – Adding amendments like  sawdust,
  5. Soil testing – Determine type of fertilizer
  6. Digging the planting hole  – 10-12 inches deep, 2 feet apart
  7. Controlling the sprawling – Using hay and wire
  8. Controlling pests  – Using a nail

Check out this article! Grow some tomatoes today!

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