Pet Food and Pet Treat Testing is a given in today’s world.  It is a given that certain proximate testing  for protein, fiber, fat and moisture need to be conducted and reported accordingly.

Other items also need to be taken into consideration, that may be just as important. The following items were highlighted in an article I recently came across.


Pet Food and Pet Treat Products should be tested for  e.Coli and Salmonella. Its becoming all too common to find bacteria in products and this can cause illness and painful recalls by the producer.


The mold accumulation in feed is really a hot topic, especially at the current time because of last years cool summer and high moisture content in the grain. These conditions are really favorable for the onset of mold.

Chemical Residues

Fertilizers and pesticides.  More caution is being applied toward testing the presence of harmful metals and pesticides in foods and locating the source of such residue.