dishes dishwasherAre Your Dishes Clean?

Have you noticed your dishwasher not working very well in recent months. There may be a good reason. Several dish detergent producers are reducing the “phosphate content” in their products.

Lower Phosphates

Responding to laws that went into effect this past July, 2010. Now the phosphate content cannot be more than .5 percent.  This is a significant reduction form 8.7% .

“Phosphorus in the form of phosphates suspends particles so they do not stick to dishes and softens water to allow suds to form. ” Source New York Times

The reason for the lower phosphorus levels is to protect our lakes and reservoirs.  At the same time, are we really conserving water if we have to send our dishes through the dishwasher multiple times or hand-wash our dishes.

For more information, check out “Cleaner for the Environment, Not for  the Dishes” – New York Times – – Interesting Article