Soil Sampling

Is soil sampling a normal part of your agricultural business?

Do you perform grid sampling as a part of your soil testing plan?

If  you live in the State of Nebraska, a very important hearing will be held February 7, 2011.

The current law as stated would require all soil samplers to call the Nebraska Diggers Hotline each time a soil sample is collected.  This process would require  a lot of phone calls and a lot of extra time added to the current sampling process.

Diggers Hotline has a purpose, a person should proceed cautiously when digging to insure that underground phone lines  or gas lines are not punctured.

Should samplers sampling soil at 6-12 inches be held to the same legislation? I think some additional amendments can be made for select type of sampling.

Dave Varner has written an article regarding this issue and the times/locations for the soil sampling bill hearing in Lincoln, NE on Monday, February 7, 2011