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Finding a good application is really hard to find. Yes, there are are some technical apps, but aren’t we able to do the same thing with our computers.  I think taking applications on a mobile, portable basis requires a much more innovative application.

I am on a quest to find an application  that adds value to my professional life.

I would like an application that provided me with valuable informaiton, could peform process and is portable. | Too many applications, are copies of websites or information feeds from a collection of websites.

Does anyone know of a good application in the following areas?

Agriculture – An application I could take to a field that would perform a valuable function, like access data for planting or applying fertilizer.

Environmental – An application to help me with environmental analysis results or sampling.

Food – An application that could help me track nutritional information by bar code.

Laboratory – An application – Could perform calculations and track data.

Business Application – Portable, Instant information at my fingertips.

Do you use a particular application that adds value to your business each day?  Please share!


Companies really need to think through a portable application strategy.  I fell that there are so many applications that are not adding value to companies and individuals on a daily basis. The application I use the most is my email account application on my smart phone.  I do believe some companies are close  to offering a value-added application and I would like to learn more and view their application.

~ Brent Pohlman | Midwest Laboratories