As the snow begins to thaw, you may see, “the site of steam rising from a compost pile,..”

Compost Article

I came across a great article today in Organic Gardening, Cold-Weather Compost, by Genevieve Slocum

The article touches on several key components of Composting in Cold Weather

Microbe Management

Microbe’s metabolism slows down as the temperature dips. Create an ideal habitat by managing the feeding and layering of your compost pile.


Keep feeding alive using coffee grounds, egg shells, manure from chickens or rabbits to give the feeding a nitrogen boost.

Particle Size

Chop or shred both brown or greens before adding them to the pile to help with some of the work.


Take time to add layers of brown ingredients to your green materials to help insulate the pile.


Make sure the pile is damp, not soaking, but not dry. Wait until spring to turn the pile.

More information can be found in this excellent article. Organic Gardening: Cold-Weather Compost

Do you have suggestions for managing your compost in cold weather? I would like to hear them.