Early morning grassSoil testing for your lawn.  Right now is the perfect time to know and understand about the nutrients in your lawn. Yesterday, the topic of soil temperature was posted, and as noted the temperature is a little cool for seeding and a little early to apply your pre-emergent.

This year, Midwest Laboratories has added an accompanying site, Lawn and Garden Test.  The site will contain information regarding your lawn and garden and it has an online calculator to help you interpret the fertilizer application based on the information contained in your report.

Getting your soil to the proper pH is the key for growth of your lawn.  In addition, by understanding the makeup of your soil, you can actually know what nutrients are present and their corresponding amounts.

This spring, we have received a record number of phone calls. I really think lawn owners are looking for ways to have a nice yard at an economical price.  With the cost of fertilizer rising, it really does make sense to start with a $25.00 lawn and garden test and know the makeup of the soil. Also, I think people are really starting to understand how soil temperature, soil pH and the timing of fertilizer applications can make a real difference in the whole process of maintaining a nice lawn.

If you still have questions regarding soil sampling your lawn, watch this 1 minute video which does a very good job of explaining the process.

Picture Source: Tom Heyes