Vegetable gardenThis week, we started planning our new garden endeavor in the back yard. The picture in this post will serve as a reminder of where I want to be in a few weeks. I’ll add my own pictures in future posts.

We have picked out our spot and plan on preparing the soil this week by removing the existing sod and tilling the ground to help aerate the soil.

Now, the kids are trying to decide what type of vegetables to plant in our garden.  It will be quite the family-bonding experience.  Hey, its not too late, in  fact last night the night-time temperatures were hovering around the freezing point. Yes, it’s May, but it would be nice if the day-time temperatures were a bit warmer.

Some other items to think about with respect to your garden.

  • Locate your garden where there is at least 6 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Keep garden fenced-in to keep out the rabbits
  • Use wet newspapers to keep weeds down

Source:  Growing Veggies Can Be Easy

Also, it might be a good idea to get your soil tested using the lawn and garden test package.  I am considering the use of plastic sheets to help control leaves.

The most exciting part of this process will be having my wife and kids involved in the process. I think it is so important for kids to take an interest in gardening and understand how to grow their own vegetables down the road. I am really looking forward to the questions that the kids will have and making sure they gain a new respect for growing their own produce.

Take time this spring to consider planting your own garden and educating your kids. You can start small with a container garden or take a section of your yard and try growing your own produce.  It could be a very rewarding experience. I know I am looking forward to this project. ~Brent

Picture Source | scorelius