Which is worse the air in your backyard or in your house?

For cleaning the outside, the windows open inAccording to the article, “Let your house breathe to remove toxins” the air in your house is much worse than the air outside because there are so many pollutants like scent of paint, (benzene), carbon monoxide, pet dander, gas leaks, radon, mold and viruses. In addition,  the air is trapped and does not leave.

The trick here is to open your house up and bring in fresh air from the outside to help mediate the current air inside the house.

Another article, 50 Easy Ways to Detox Your House looks at ways to detox your house. Some items that stood out for me were the following:

  • stop using fragrances
  • use natural cosmetics
  • check cement walls for mold
  • avoid excess moisture in your house
  • keep house dust to a minimum

There are more listed in the article. I am surprised that washing hands was not listed.  Being clean and eliminating germs will help keep toxins out of your household.

What are your thoughts regardinng this article?  The show Hoarders also comes to mind. Those homes have to be crawling with toxins.  Sometimes you will see outside family members wear masks and gloves.

Be educated on potential toxins. As our properties get older, it is very easy to ignore toxins in your current house.

Picture Source | Jim Moore