Carpet Padding PentaI came across this story on the CBS Evening News and looked at it more closely this morning in the Environmental Health News article, Array of flame retardants found in baby car seats, changing pads, other items.

The article suggests that 80% of all baby products contain some type of flame retardants.  A study was conducted by chemists in California and North Carolina and they found that babies were exposed to 8 different flame-retardant chemicals.

One of the chemicals found in 5 or the 101 products tested was Penta. Penta is a flame retardant chemical that has been banned since 2004. In addition,  another banned chemical, chlorinated tris was found in 60 of the 101 items.

These flame retardant chemicals have been proven to cause cancer in separate studies.

In addition, to baby products I also came across an article with  information regarding Penta in recycled carpet padding.

More information can be found in the Environmental Health News article mentioned above.  I think the issue of flame retardants should be followed closely to determine if suspected levels of toxins are in the dangerous category.

I am a little concerned that recycled products like carpet padding are not banned. Check out the video regarding this story.

Picture Source | CarbonNYC