Antibiotics in FeedI came across this article in The Wall Street Journal, “Groups Sue FDA Over Use of Certain Antibiotics in  Animal Feed”  Several environment and health-advocacy groups are suing the Food and Drug Administration to ban the widespread use of two antibiotics, (penicillin and tetracycline) in animal feed. The groups claim that antibiotics are being given to healthy livestock to promote faster growth and prevent infections.

As this article stated, there is still a need to define what the maximum levels of antibiotics should be.  In addition, the article states that Rep. Louise Slaughter, (Democrat, New York)  has introduced legislation in Congress that would restrict the use of antibiotics.

Articles such as this one, show that this issue remains a concern to many and legislation is needed.

At Midwest Laboratories, our staff have worked on developing LC/MS/MS Methods to detect antibiotics in feed samples. About three years ago, we felt this type of analysis would be present from livestock producers who are checking the quality of their feed to the feed producers knowing the level of antibiotics present in their feed product. Our laboratory supervisors and staff worked closely with the latest instrument manufacturers to implement detection of antibiotics in feed samples. Listed below are the current antibiotics which we can analyze. If you are interested in this type of analysis, your first step should be to talk to a representative at Midwest Laboratories.


  • Chlortetracycline residue
  • Doxycycline residue
  • Erythromycin residue
  • Oxytetracycline residue
  • Penicillin residue
  • Streptomycin residue
  • Tetracycline residue
  • Virginiamycin residue

Any one (1) of the above $140.00

Any two (2) of the above $210.00

Any three (3) of the above $300.00

Full Screen (as many as are available) $525.00

Additional antibiotics will be added to our capabilities (call the laboratory or check the web page for the most current list)

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