How often shoud I water my lawn?With the warm conditions and earlier than normal spring, you may be asking yourself the question,” Is it time to water my lawn?” The answer is yes, but… you want to water your lawn the correct way to insure a healthy lawn.

About five years ago as I was having my sprinkler system setup, a gentleman with a local sprinkler system company showed me a tip that has helped me maintain a green, lush front lawn for the past few years.

This tip – Water only once or twice a day, but water your areas longer.  By doing this simple step, you will be able to get the water where it needs to be which is 6-8 inches below the ground surface and you will have less weeds. Think about this tip for a second. Most of your neighbors water everyday and for each location the water is on for 5-10 minutes. The water only gets down to a certain spot each time and in the mean-time weeds thrive off of the water at the surface and slightly below the surface level. This is why after a light rain, you will see weeds pop up in your lawn.I would suggest watering a couple times a week and watering each location 20-30 minutes.

In addition, you should also water early in the morning, this will help maximize the water going into the soil and cut down on the amount of evaporation.

Watering your lawn correctly can really be a tremendous benefit to your lawn.

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Picture via Michael Mol