Planting CucumbersCucumbers are one of the easiest, low-maintenance vegetables to grow in your garden. As the soil temperature approaches 70 degrees, we are beginning to get closer to ideal conditions to start planting cucumber plants.

I really like this article, “How to Grow Cucumbers” from the site and I want to highlight some information from this article.

  • Soil pH should be somewhere around 6.5
  • Cucumbers grow best in full sunlight and soil rich in organic matter
  • Plant cucumber seeds 6 inches apart
  • Watering is the key! Cucumbers need water deep enough to reach roots
  • Harvesting begins 55 to 70 days after planting
  • Watch for pests on your cucumbers, especially the cucumber beetles

Last year, my cucumber vines went all over the garden. I ended up cutting the vine because it was blocking the sunlight to other parts of the garden. I plan on growing my cucumbers vertically. Check out this video which talks about this process.

Do you have any other proven tips or questions, please share and good luck this year with your cucumbers?

Picture via OakleyOriginals