Watering lawn and garden in dry conditionsI came across this article, “With heat and dry spell, plants need extra care” and it really made me think about my own lawn and garden.

Check out the video for one person’s remedy for a green lawn. People will come with all sorts or recipes to keep their yard green.

People go to great lengths to insure their yard stays green. Here is possibly a better approach that I have rediscovered this year. Mulch – yes, mulch.  Mulch helped save my front yard plants this summer.  Mulch helps keep the water and nutrients in the soil  instead of washing it away when conditions get very dry. I have also found that by reapplying mulch each year, the mulch helps keep the water  in the soil as a thick top layer.

As for the lawn, I water three times a week for about 20-30 minutes in each spot of the yard depending on the area. By watering for longer time periods, it helps keep water in the soil. I used to water everyday for 5-10 minutes in each location and could not figure out why my lawn was turning brown.  The fact was, I was not getting enough water deep enough in the soil to make a difference. For more information on this topic, check out a post from earlier this spring, “Conserving water in your lawn and garden areas

Picture via stephen jones