Watering lawnThis weekend I decided it was time to fight back for my lawns sake. On Saturday I checked out the yard and decided it needed to be watered. It had been two weeks since I last mowed, but with the temperature in the low 90’s  for the first time in some weeks, I decided it needed a good watering. .

By Sunday, it was time to mow, I really could not tell much difference, but I decided to change a few things. First, I raised the blade on my mower, during drought-like conditions it is really important to let your grass get a little taller so the heat is not hitting the grass blades so close to the ground. Second, I decided to get a handle on the weeds. I pulled a ton of weeds. It seems like weeds can quickly take over a dry yard, and it soon becomes the only green plant growing in your yard.

Finally, I took a closer look at the way I was watering. I noticed my front yard was doing fairly well and was staying pretty green for the most part. I typically set my irrigation system to a time of 60 minutes for just the front yard. I went back and checked my settings and noticed the back yard was only set for 10 minutes, as a result, the grass was very brown and the soil was very dry.  I reset the times and added an additional 30 minutes for the backyard setting.  In addition, I went to each station and made sure the sprinklers were covering the grass.  I also noticed that the grass between the sidewalk and the street was also very brown, again, the watering time was set for only 5 minutes. With the heat of the pavement surrounding these areas, I simply added more time and started to see signs of green again. I talked about this technique a few months ago, “How often should you water your lawn?” and I revisitid this approach and made some modifications.

My point here is that I do not water everyday. I typically water 2-3 days a week, but the key is I water for a much longer time. By doing this, I am able to get moisture to the root system of the grass and as a result the lawn stays green longer.  I know a number of my neighbors have pretty much given up watering their lawns this summer because of the heat.

My advice to you is water less and water longer, you will help insure a strong healthy lawn and in the process you will hopefully stay somewhat ahead of the heat and drought.

 Picture via a long vacation