Nitrogen Application in FallAs I mowed the lawn this weekend, it occurred to me that it had been some time since I had applied any nitrogen fertilizer. The last time was in May of this year. With the severe drought conditions it really did not make any sense to apply any nitrogen or other products to my lawn this summer. It was way too hot and dry.

Now, as I look around my neighborhood I see lawns that are really lacking the proper nutrients in their soil with their lawns.  Then, I happened to look at the 5-day forecast and I see for this part of the country that temperatures are going to get below 32 degrees the weekend of October 5-7, 2012. This inevitably means winterizing my sprinkler system for the year.

Because of the above scenario, I decided to apply one last nitrogen application  into the soil and water vigorously this week  to make sure it makes it down into the subsoil. I selected a slow-release nitrogen product in hopes of bringing my lawn back just in time for the fall days and upcoming winter season. Typically, I like to apply one more application before the first hint of snow.

The key here is moisture. You need to have moisture to make a difference. This can come in the form of irrigation, but better yet would be rain and in this part of the country, the rain is pretty much hit and miss and it has not been nearly enough to meet the needs of our soil. Also, if you can get it scheduled, aerating your lawn can also do wonders for a sustainable lawn.

So my advice to you is try to apply one last application before the temperatures turn colder and make sure you can get your nitrogen down into the sub-soil part of your lawn, 0-6″.

photo credit: paul+photos=moody via photopin cc