Lawn Soil TestIt is that time of the year to add some nutrients back to your soil. This is really critical for those of you who experienced this year’s drought. I recently added some nitrogen fertilizer about two weeks ago and I cannot believe the difference a little fertilizer and water can make. I feel like I finally restored my lawns condition back to where it was this past spring.

Check out this video which looks at the basics of getting a healthy lawn by applying the correct fertilizer application in the fall. It all starts with a soil test.

At Midwest Laboratories, I have seen a lot of lawn samples this fall.  Turnaround time is 3 days once we receive your soil sample.  You can simply fill a ziploc bag with your sample for analysis.  If you would like supplies sent to your location, you can find out more on the Midwest Labs eStore.

photo credit: fernando neves via photopin cc