Soil Testing at Midwest LaboratoriesThis time of year is a busy one at Midwest Laboratories. We know a lot of decisions will be made based on the results of soil analysis.  Because of this, we have taken steps over the last five years to insure that we can meet client needs from an analysis and turnaround standpoint.

Analysis (Soil Testing)

Additional ICAPs  have been purchased and setup to make sure analysis can be conducted on samples 24 hours a day.

Processes like Soil pH have been developed using robotics to read samples in a quicker and more consistent manner to keep up with high volumes.

We have added additional staff to help extract soil samples and prepare them for analysis.  All temporary staff must have a chemistry or science background. We work with a partner to insure that we only bring in the best quality workers available.   Soil Testing at Midwest Laboratories

Turnaround Time  (2-3 days once we receive the sample)

It starts with getting supplies out to soil samplers. We help supply our clients with soil bags, boxes, shipping labels and soil probes. Yesterday, we sent out over 40,000 soil bags to various clients.

If you live in Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Northern Part of Illinois and Wisconsin, you can schedule your own sample pickup. If you want more information on this service contact Brent at 402-334-7770

We increase our staff in receiving to assist us with paperwork and entering samples into the system.  We will receive close to 2,000 boxes of samples during this time period.

Capacity, Capacity, Capacity – We keep increasing capacity to enter samples, dry samples and analyze samples. We have capacity to enter over 20,000 soils daily.Soil Testing


Phone call volumes also increase during this time period. At Midwest Laboratories, our goal is to make sure you are directed to a “live” voice.  Service has to be personal to be the most effective. Please call if you have questions. (402) 334-7770

If you prefer sending your message online. Go to and click on the Contact Us Page. We will respond back to your inquiry within 12 hours.

With your account, you can receive the following benefits at no additional cost:

  • Access all soil testing data online (24 x 7 – Secured Log-on)
  • Reports sent via email as soon as the samples have been verified
  • Text Message notification when your results have been sent to your email address.

I wanted to provide this information to you so you can have a better understanding of the soil testing capabilities that Midwest Laboratories provides. I would encourage you to call in and ask questions after reading this post. We encourage people to ask questions and make sure they understand what type of soil tests are available and also help answer any questions you might have with respect to the results you receive from your analysis.

Thanks for taking time to learn more about soil testing at Midwest Laboratories