Peanut HarvestI came across this article, “Peanut farmers’ big year could drop prices”. The article suggests that prices on peanut products like peanut butter will be coming down in price because of the high supply.

U.S. farmers are expected to produce more than 3 million tons of peanuts in 2012, according to figures released Oct. 11 by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That’s a 66 percent increase over 2011, when growers produced more than 1.8 million tons. Source “Peanut farmers’ big year could drop prices”

I wanted to see the harvesting process up close. Are you aware that peanuts have to be dug out of ground first so the peanuts can dry. Once the peanuts have dried, the peanuts are picked up by a combine.

See the process in this 2 minute video.

photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker via photopin cc