Sending samples to laboratoryMost of the time when I talk to clients about performing analysis, there is the other sense of stress with respect to shipping the sample to Midwest Laboratories.

Sample Packaging

Shipping samples does take a bit of homework with respect to packaging and understanding shipping regulations. Most items are ok to ship, however, samples containing hazardous chemicals like gasoline, diesel, ethanol or arsenic need to be packages appropriately. My advice – ask someone, preferably someone who is certified in dangerous goods shipping.

Companies like UPS and FedEx are coming down hard on people who do not use properc shipping procedures that are in place. This is especially true for next-day shipping.

Containers and Shipping Labels

When you setup an account with Midwest Laboratories, we try and work with you regarding the best shipping options.  This includes providing you with shipping containers for different sample types.  Also, shipping labels can be ordered that can save clients money with respect to price and convenience.

Turnaround Time

It is all about turnaround time.  Results are needed right away and clients want quality analysis in a timely manner.  To help facilitate turnaround time, it is important to get the best shipping option to help minimize the number of days the sample is en-route to the laboratory.

At Midwest Laboratories, we try to add value to the overall customer experience. Obviously analysis is the focal point, but areas like shipping, supplies and transportation are also important areas which we look at everyday to help give our clients the best experience possible.

If you are looking at shipping your samples to a laboratory for analysis, consider inquiring about supplies and shipping options that the lab offers. It could be a deciding factor in the way you select a laboratory.

photo credit: Qlis via photopin cc