Spring Lawn Care TipsCheck out these spring lawn tips in this Fox 4 News Special, “Spring Lawn care tips” 

  1. Cleanup – Look for dead spots and matted spots and take steps to rake and restore the soil with proper nutrients. A soil test is also a good idea to help address these type of issues.
  2. Fertilize – Get a plan together and start with a pre-emergent. Don’t apply too early, but don’t wait too long.
  3. Restore – Aeration and sometimes a second pre-emergent application may be necessary. In addition, keep a look out for weeds, crabgrass and spots that have been affected by grubs in prior years.
  4. Treat Your Trees – This was an interesting item. I wasn’t aware of the new ash bore threat. Something to note and continue to monitor with respect to your trees.

Source “Spring Lawn Care Tips – Fox 4 News

photo credit: Mike_tn via photopin cc