Spring Lawn UpdateIn this part of the country, Omaha, Nebraska the weather has been unusually cold, highs in the 40’s and at least 2-3 days of rain the past three weeks. Obviously with last years drought, the rain is very welcomed, however as we get toward the end of April, this is presenting some problems.

I stopped in to a local nursery and they were loaded with plants. People are not buying and planting plants yet and with good reason. Last week a record low of 23 degrees occurred. Hopefully, temperatures will begin to get warmer as we approach the last full week in April. Last year, plants were being planted in March and were mostly in full bloom by now. What a difference a year can make.

Well, in spite of the weather I have found success planting sod, applying a pre-emergent on the rest of my lawn and applying a  little more cover seed this week. I like to overseed my lawn and I thought the upcoming conditions were perfect with predictions of an inch of rain and a rise in temperatures into the 60’s by the end of this week. I planted the sod about 3 weeks ago and it has managed to green-up and grow with a few weeds already sprouting up. I am hoping the roots take hold and the area will produce a thicker grass this year.

I have mowed a total of three times this spring. I know some people have not mowed at all or just started this week. I think by mowing, I was able to get rid of some of the thatch and help the yard soak in the recent moisture.

I have not purchased any plants yet, but I am starting to see some green branches on our rose bushes.

My advice to you is focus on your lawn as the temperatures remain cool, you also still have some time to plant items in your garden. If you are itching to buy plants, or finding some great prices because some places are moving inventory, consider moving toward a container garden and move the plants inside for additional heat and light.

In any case, good luck and keep working to find ways to deal with the uncertain weather conditions.

Also seeing lots of requests for lawn and garden analysis, especially in light of the cooler temperatures. Always a good idea to find out the nutrients contained in the soil.

photo credit: dibytes via photopin cc