Planting Delays

With the threat of a May snowstorm this week, it appears that crop planting is being delayed another week. Check out this familiar story this spring.

The clock is ticking and most farmers like to have their crop in at the latest by Mid-May. Many growers were hoping to get into their fields by May 4, 2013, now it appears that it could be another week before conditions are right for planting.

Protecting current crops

Check out this video from the Weather Channel

If you have a a small garden or some plants you recently planted, you may want to cover them in the next few days or apply some of the techniques mentioned here with respect to your crops. Check it out

I guess the point is here is that good plans often change, it is up to us to make sure we are maximizing this particular time to find the best approaches possible with respect to planting our crops and protecting our current crops. In my experience, now is the time to connect with others and see how they are dealing with these issues. During times of trials is often when we can learn the most from each other and improve our own processes.

Happy May Day!