Getting Rid of DandelionsI know this is a pressing issue for many homeowners this time of the year.

In the past, I have experienced a few dandelions to sections of yard being taken over by this wonderful weed that our kids love. Yes, I’ve experienced coming home from work to conversations of “Dad, look my friends and I pulled all these flowers and blew the cotton seeds all over”  Just remember its a part of being a dad and you do not need to let it get you frustrated.

I have always tried to find an organic solution, but the trouble with most of these solutions is that they are a lot of work and the right mixture may/may not work. It really is about maximizing my time and finding a method that works effectively.

I could also tell you that if you did not apply a pre-emergent this spring, your task could be more daunting. Also, after a few weeks try over-seeding your lawn. This will help build a stronger thicker lawn. Most of the dandelions I see are those in places of thinning grass and around the cement where I edge with the grass trimmer. If you don’t have to trim, my recommendation is wait till the dandelions are under control.

The best, least expensive way is to pull these weeds out by hand. The down-side is that often times, a break in the root occurs and as a result the weed grows back. If the dandelions have taken over your entire yard, then a weed/feed fertilizer solution would be the proper solution.

My advice, purchase a weed spray and individually spray each weed. If you stay on top of this task, you will maximize your time and you will eventually win the battle over a period of 2-3 weeks. Yes, these weeds are persistent. In the process, you are also being a little greener by not applying a weed/feed fertilizer over your entire lawn. Make sure to read the label and make sure the weeds listed are the same weeds that are appearing in your own lawn.  Once these sprays make contact with the weed, the growth rate is accelerated and ultimately the weed dies in a short 24-36 hour period.

Again, you can spend your time reading articles upon articles of different methods to remove dandelions, but when it comes down to it you might want to make an investment that will last you a couple of years and save you lots of time and headaches. Just my opinion!

photo credit: Julep67 via photopin cc