Shelf Life TestingA number of food companies are trying to find ways to extend the life of their food or products. Believe it or not almost everything has some type of shelf life. At Midwest Laboratories,   inquiries regarding this type of testing occur almost everyday. For producers, it is a very important topic. It really is the key with respect to determining appropriate production rates, inventory and distribution.

I came across this article and it does show the value of having a long shelf life.

10 Foods That Will Last Forever In The Post-Apocalyptic World“. It gives a good perspective of a number of foods with long shelf life values like canned beans, honey, peanut butter and hard liquor to name a few.  Check out more in the article.

Shelf life can be affected by the type of packaging, temperature and humidity. It is a very popular test and I feel more companies are going to work at looking at using natural preservatives versus conventional preservatives.

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