Germs on AirlinesCheck out this news study regarding germs on airplanes.

This news story should serve as a friendly reminder to not only plan with respect to your luggage and tickets but also to take steps to make your flight a safe and healthy trip. Some of the information in this story is very disgusting and down-right disturbing.

Summary of items

  • Fecal coliform was found on the toilet seat as well as the sink faucet. 
  • The air conditioning vents. I never thought about this , but how often are those vents really cleaned inside and out. Think about how many people touch those items. 
  • The study found the seats, arm rests and tables were not nearly as bad.

It is always good to be aware of your surroundings and take the necessary precautions to insure a healthy, safe trip.

photo credit: caribb via photopin cc