No-Till PlantingNo-Till Planting is the tilling plan of choice for many growers and farmers.  I came across a great article, “What is No-Till” by Brian Scott and have quickly summarized some of the points in his article.

It’s major advantage is the fact that the soil moisture and nutrients remain in the soil and are not broken up, thus allowing the plants to feed off of these nutrients right away. Other benefits include minimizing soil erosion and soil compaction.

There are disadvantages too like losing the ability to control weeds through tillage or the risk of carrying plant diseases into the soil .

Brian Scott also produced a video with respect to getting his field and equipment ready for no-till planting in 2013. It is very informative and it gives you a good perspective of the process from the field. Check it out!

photo credit: NRCS Soil Health via photopin cc