Growing TomatoesHere is a question that a number of people have asked over the years:

“Is it better to stake or cage tomato plants or should you let them fall over and grow naturally?”
Source: 20 Gardening Tips: Growing Tomatoes News Story

Tomato Plants produce fruit without any intervention

Keeping tomatoes off the ground is the most ideal way to produce the best fruit.

Hear first-hand in this news story.

Here are some additional tips from Organic Gardening with respect to growing tomatoes.

    • Choose a bright, airy spot – Your goal should be 10 hours of light in the summer
    • Rotate your tomatoes – This helps prevent soilborne diseases
    • Buy tomato seedlings. Often lush green starts have poor root systems.
    • Soak your tomato bed once a week. Water directly into the soil
    • Add compost and trim when the first fruits ripen.
    • Pick ripe, but not dead ripe.

photo credit: arbyreed via photopin cc