Quality Pet TreatsAlmost everyday we receive inquiries and questions regarding pet treat analysis. Many people across the country are getting into this market and developing their own natural treat products in their homes. Just type the words “pet treats” as part of a Google Search and you will see over 123,000,000 results.

Pet owners want to give their cats or dogs the best, quality treats possible. Many consumers order their treats online or go to specialty pet stores to find the highest quality treats.

My advice to those of you baking and producing these treats for retailers and possibly your own business is to make sure you have a nutrition label, (Start with the Basic Pet Treat Testing Package) on your particular package. This information is vital for separating your product from the competition.  In addition, you might consider a shelf life testing, especially if you sell your product to retailers. This information is very valuable to your retailers and it will also help retailers understand how many selling days they have with respect to your pet treat product.

photo credit: John Flinchbaugh via photopin cc