Is Organic Food Better?Check out this news story from the article,

Organic Foods: Are they Really Better for You?  by Ela Soroka

This debate continues, but more and more research is being conducted. Watch the news story and look at the article mentioned below and draw your own conclusions with respect to this topic.

Some dialogue from the video:

Question: So what do you think, is it worth it?

Answer: Well, Yes and No. It really depends on the item.  It has only been recently that science has taken a look at it.  On the surface, it sounds obvious that it should be better.  But organic foods often have a shorter shelf life and if eaten at the end of their life, has increased risk of food born disease. Source

Question: What can one do to try and make organic more affordable?

Asnwer: Buying frozen organic product is generally cheaper.  Also, buying in bulk often yields a better price.  And across the heartland many communities have farmers markets where locally grown food is available direct from the farmer.  You can ask about their farming practice, and while there is nothing stopping them from misrepresenting their uncertified product as organic, I think they will tell you the truth. Source

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