Midwest LaboratoriesThis time of year the client services staff receives many inquiries through phone calls and the company website. It is a great time to call-in and have questions answered with respect to analysis capabilities and pricing information for budget planning purposes.

This information is also very helpful to our Midwest Laboratories staff. Each year we review the questions and inquiries which we receive and examine this information to see how we are currently serving our clients and potential areas we may want to pursue in the future based on demand.

As you complete your planning for 2014, I would invite you to contact a member of Midwest Laboratories to help you with your laboratory analysis planning. If you are unfamiliar with our testing capabilities, check out our company website.

Midwest Laboratories offers testing in the areas of

  • Agriculture,
  • Environmental,
  • Feed,
  • Food,
  • Pet Foods and
  • Fuels.

One Central Location | Large Inventory of Analysis Available

All of our analysis and pricing information are available online. If you have a special project or a large number of analysis that need to completed, call a representative today.

Good luck with your 2014 laboratory analysis information.