FrackingCheck out this article, “Waterless fracking can eliminate toxic wastewater – December 7, 2013. It talks about the current process of using large volumes of water to bring oil from shale rock to the surface. The debate is out as to whether this process is environmentally safe.

The following article mentions the use of propane as another technique which is completely waterless and non-flammable.  This technique is in its infant stages and more testing is needed. This article, “Waterless Fracking Makes Headway in Texas, Slowly” – March 27, 2013 looks at how this technique is being used in Canada and is slowly making its way into the United States.

Based on these articles, it appears fracking safety is getting more attention and companies are looking at alternative environmentally safer methods. I am sure this topic will get more press in 2014. Check out these two articles and continue to follow the developments of propane as a waterless alternative in the fracking process.

photo credit: wcn247 via photopin cc