Atlanta Ice StormToday’s storm will be the topic for much of the media today.

Hopefully, enough precautions and warnings have been executed to minimize the potential damage of this storm

Check out this video and look closely at these statistics:

In preparation for the storm, Atlanta has been warning people of the arrival of an ice storm that could be a once in 50 year occurence. Check out these stats:

22,000 tons of salt

70,000 gallons of brine

45,000 tons of gravel.

Omaha Public works ordered 20,000 tons of salt for the whole winter in 2012.  That puts some of these figures in perspective. See more in this video.

Check out what is happening this morning.


Hopefully, enough precautions will be in place to help this part of the country. It will certainly be a developing story all day, today.

photo credit: D1v1d via photopin cc