When to start mowingI think about this question all the time. I have already seen some of my neighboors out mowing their lawns. However, with a chance of snow yet this week and more cold air coming into the region, I think I will hold off a bit.

The key for me is when do I want to start fertilizing. The past few days, it has been cold and windy. I really like to start mowing when I can do the following:

1) Turn the water on. (Sprinkler System without the risk of freezing the line)
2) Purchased a pre-emergent fertilizer (Soil test every couple of years also helps here)
3) Mower is tuned and blades sharpened.
4) Every couple of years I try to aerate the soil too, to help the soil collect moisture and break up the heavy thatch and compacted soil.

These items need to be in place as well as some green grass coming through in order for me to start.

Check out this video. I had never heard of starting the mowing process when the magnolia trees are in full bloom. Interesting idea to consider. This video also gives some practical advice with a flavor of humor too.

photo credit: Eva the Weaver via photopin cc