Precision AgWhat is your goal with respect to your crop goals for 2014 and into the future?

This question keeps coming up at the current InfoAg 2014 Conference. A lot of discussion is taking place among attendees. Where do people want to go with respect to maximizing their crop yield.

For some it may be new technology like drones. How could drones help growers produce higher yields? What tasks could be automated and enhanced using drones.

For others it may be a data software solution. How can I get information from soil testing, fertilizer applications and weather information into a system that allows me to model conditions which could point to more/less applications of nitrogen in the future.

Yet, others are trying to use technology like Google Glass to help collect crop information for making management decisions.

People stopping by the Midwest Laboratories booth were looking for answers regarding proper soil testing, soil health, plant tissue testing, water testing, nematode testing.

This conference has been quite interesting and enjoyable as people have come with all sorts of view points and interest. People are discussing the most current trends in the area of precision ag and trying very hard to make sense of it all.

The first place to start is by defining your goals, from here, you need to look for ways that can add value in that process. Some of these technologies are bleeding edge technologies with very few people actually using them in production. Setting goals requires people to look at their current business and decide where they want to go in the future. From here, it’s about testing and possibly partnering with another company.

Precision Ag is changing daily. The best companies will ultimately find uses for this technology to help them achieve their goals and objectives. The question is, are you willing to draw up a plan, have that discussion and partner with the right companies that will take you to the next level.

photo credit: Ian Sane via photopin cc