corn oilCheck out this article, (Oil Extraction Method Affects Feeding Value of Corn for Poultry | September 24, 2014)   it makes some great points regarding the advancements of corn oil extraction which might be having adverse effects on the quality of DDGs (Dried Distillers Grains).

“They are doing some further extraction to get more of the corn oil out of distillers grains,” says Marcia Shannon, University of Missouri Extension swine specialist. “So we’re getting a little bit different product out of those ethanol plants.”

Ms Shannon says the swine and poultry industries need to be aware of the source, extraction methods and crude fat level of their distillers grains.

There are three main types of distillers grains: traditional, with more than 10 per cent crude fat; low-fat, with five to nine per cent crude fat; and de-oiled, with less than five per cent crude fat.

Ms Shannon says that low-fat distillers grains will probably have lower energy content. Producers should get a sample analysed or talk to their source to find out what kind of extraction methods are being used at the plant.

Source:   Oil Extraction Method Affects Feeding Value of Corn for Poultry | September 24, 2014

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