Lawn Garden TestCheck out this video and consider adding some amendments to your soil this fall.

The video does a great job of explaining the benefits of adding organic amendments to your soil. The video will also give you some options to consider with respect to your soil testing results.  The video only lasts a couple of minutes and it really has some good explanations.


If you are considering soil testing, look at going through a laboratory. With a lab analysis, you will have a good understanding of the makeup of your soil. In addition to soil pH, you will be able to identify areas like potassium, phosphorus and organic matter.

If you are looking at testing the soil in your lawn or garden, consider purchasing a soil sampling kit online at the Midwest Labs eStore. If you have other questions, talk to a Midwest Laboratories Client Service Representative today. (402) 334 – 7770

photo credit: Peter Kurdulija via photopin cc