medium_13085089605Today, we read a lot about data being hacked.

At Midwest Laboratories, we take client data very seriously. Clients can access their analytical testing data online through their unique account and password. Many people have asked why they can’t reset their password online. The answer is that a number of client accounts are shared. If one company representative were to change the password and not communicate that information, others in the company may not be able to access the data.

Also, representatives at Midwest Laboratories typically setup passwords online and once setup, the password information is encrypted to insure that no one other than the client has access to that data from an outside connection.

Today, client data can also be accessed from your mobile tablet or cell phone device through the Midwest Labs App. (Last 30 days)

Clients have the ability to look at reports online, download data in different formats and email data to themselves. Also, a number of clients are requesting interfaces to be built which send data directly to a system at the company location. If you need this type of data transfer, contact a member of our client services staff.

Analysis data is critical for proper decision-making to take place. At Midwest Laboratories, our hope is to continue to make data security a top priority and provide clients with data formats and feeds to help facilitate decisions.

If you ever have questions regarding your data, speak to a representative today. 402-334-7770

photo credit: NATS Press Office via photopin cc