Selecting a labANSWER: The reason people select Midwest Laboratories for their analysis is because they need analysis results to help them answer some questions and know how to proceed.

This simple answer is the basis that has helped our company understand who are clients are. We want to work with people who need answers to their questions.   If there wasn’t a need, there would be no reason to use our services.

The analysis results can come from different types of analysis. The Midwest Laboratories website has tried to organize these analysis into five categories:
Agriculture, Environmental, Feed/Pet Foods, Foods and Fuels

The bottom-line is our clients needs can be very diverse and complex, but we continue to work to provide analysis across areas to help insure that we can deliver results.

Because of the appreciation Midwest Laboratories Associates have for their clients, we try to provide additional benefits like the following:

  • Sampling supplies: bottles, bags, shipping labels – available upon request
  • Access to analysis data by email, direct data feed, online access with password
  • Reduced turnaround time
  • Follow standard test methodologies
  • Large Client Service Staff to answer questions

If you are looking for a laboratory for your analysis, consider sending an inquiry to or call our main number: 402-334-7770. We would be happy to work with you regarding your analysis needs. Midwest Laboratories serves clients in all 50 states. If you have questions, take time and get the answers you need.