slideshare-3268596ampdocinterpretingsoilanalysis-100224160552-phpapp01amptypedHave you looked at your past soil testing records? I have heard from several growers who are taking the time to go back in time and look at soil testing information from 5-10 years ago and even a few from 15+ years ago.

The good news is Midwest Laboratories has soil testing information available to its clients since the mid 1990’s. This information can be found online if your account has been active since this time.

I think this information points to a new trend where growers are comparing analysis results and looking at the makeup of their soil and specifically areas that have possibly under produced yields as well as those those areas that have done quite well with respect to yield.

Welcome to the information age. Those reports now contain information which can be compared, analyzed and loaded into other technology programs to achieve some type of report or desired output.

Each year, all of us grow a little more in our knowledge of how to use this data to effectively become better. We call this process, “Precision Ag”. Precision Ag is all about imprvoing our current practices through better soil practices, better seed and planting practices. The only way to do this is to measure it some fashion and that is where the data part of the equation comes in.

Over the last few weeks, I have seen an increased movement in the way growers are looking at their soil report information. This is a good sign that people are looking to improve their processes.

Just remember, if you have a hard time collecting data from previous soil reports, you can always access your information online if you are a Midwest Laboratories Account holder. You own the data and ultimately drive this process.

Do yourself a favor and use this valuable information to make yourself a better grower. If you want some assistance, speak to a field representative or agronomist at Midwest Laboratories.