mwlIn this current culture where companies are trying to go paperless and scanning barcodes continues to grow and get better each year, sample paperwork is still the best option for insuring your analysis request is received and processed.

Just like other companies, we are trying to find an easier solution and we are making advances where report informaiton is keyed in versus written. However, we still see the most issues with running the wrong analysis because the information was hard to read or was given over the phone and not recorded correctly. In addition, the number one reason for samples getting delayed in receiving is no paperwork is included with the samples.

In addition, entering sample information takes less time when a client’s account number is attached to the paperwork. If attached, the information regarding name, address and analysis gets entered into the system much quicker and with fewer mistakes.

Also, make sure your information is complete. Include your name, address and phone in case question come up regarding your sample and accompanying paperwork.

This spring, avoid delays and mistakes by learning how to submit your paperwork online and attaching it with your sample.