Community Garden SafetyCommunity Gardens are becoming more and more popular. It is a great way for people in cities to come together and grow produce for a local community. Many community gardens are becoming more progressive with the produce they are growing and the applicaiton of natural fertilizers from soil testing.

One area that many people who are looking to get a community garden started is the issue of water safety and soil safety. It is always a good idea to have the water tested to insure the level of nitrates is safe for drinking and applying to garden plants.

In addition to water, it is also a good idea to test the soil for lead and other heavy metals like arsenic. Over time, soil can become contaminated through pollution and application of products like paint, which was produced with lead in the 1970’s.

As you begin to get your community garden ready, make sure you take steps to insure the land and water are safe before growing produce on the land.

If you have questions about this type of testing, contact your local soil testing laboratory or call us at Midwest Laboratories. We work with community garden organizations across the ocuntry.