Midwest Labs TestingThis past month there were numerous questions regarding the following analysis:

Soil Testing/Soil Sampling – Most of the questions had to do with sampling more than just analysis. There is a great resource in the Midwest Laboratories Library on Soil Sampling.

Lawn/Garden Soil Testing – This is the area we really saw a lot of questions. Midwewst Laboratories offers a Lawn and Garden Soil Test which includes analysis and free soil bag and shipping label. In addition, there is a lawn and garden brochure which outlines the program a little more.

Pet Treat Testing – There are a number of testing packages available from a basic nutrient nutrient package to a nutritional label. Information on testing packages is available on the Midwest Labs eStore and the Midwest Labs Library.

Well Water Testing – Many property owners are asking questions about the quality and safety of their drinking water. Sampling kits are availalbe to consumers simply by stopping by the main office or ordering water sampling supplies online.

Midwest Laboratories offers a wide array of analysis. If you have questions regarding analysis, check out more on MidwestLabs.com or contact a representative at Midwest Labs.