Plant Tissue SamplingThe season is here and plant tissue samples are being received each day and the number of plants received are going up each day.

If you need some help with taking a represesentative sample, check out this plant tissue publication here.

Plant tissue analysis looks at the following analysis: Nitrogen, Sulfur, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium,
Sodium, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Zinc for a sample  price of $24.00  with recommendations and $22.00 without recomendations.

Making sure nutrients are making it from the soil to the plant is really the overall purpose in running a plant tissue analysis.

Most growers like to have their plants analyzed at this time of the growing season, because it is early in the growing season and steps can be taken to improve nutrient intake into plants.

If you do plan on sending plant samples to Midwest Laboratories, consider putting these plants in a paper bag and make sure you poke some holes in the bag to help it breathe and prevent the growth of mold. In addition, if you are a Midwest Labs client, simply call in and order bags over the phone or order bags yourself online with your Midwest Labs Account.